Mystic waters—Saturn in Pisces

In the celestial ballet, Saturn now gracefully waltzes through the mystical waters of Pisces, a dance that began on March 7, 2023, and continues until May 24, 2025, with an encore performance from September 1, 2025, to February 13, 2026.

What does Saturn mean personally?

Saturn's transit through Pisces carries personal significance, especially if Pisces occupies a prominent position in your birth chart or if you have significant planets in Pisces. Pisces is associated with our hopes, illusions, and the deep well of our inner dreams and faith. When Saturn transits Pisces, it often prompts a profound and transformative inward-facing journey.

On a personal level, Saturn in Pisces can bring forth an awakening of your transcendental and spiritual gifts that may have been dormant or repressed due to practical concerns. It challenges you to reconcile your dreams and aspirations with the realities of life. You may be forced to confront illusions and misconceptions holding you back, which can be a challenging but liberating experience. This transit encourages you to explore your intuition, connect with your inner self, and embrace your nonmaterial side. You may feel a stronger desire to seek meaning and purpose and tap into your innate creative abilities.

In essence, Saturn in Pisces personally signifies a period of deep introspection, spiritual growth, and the potential for realizing and harnessing your unique mystical gifts. It calls upon you to align your practical responsibilities with your inner dreams and faith in the universe, paving the way for a more profound connection to your sacred and devotional side, and finding greater fulfillment in the present.

Kicking addictionsaddictions

Saturn's transit through Pisces presents a unique opportunity for those grappling with addiction. This powerful combination of energies brings increased self-awareness, confronts denial, and encourages the establishment of healthy boundaries. Individuals seek support through therapy or communal groups, as Saturn's disciplined influence pushes them toward recovery. This period fosters the development of new coping mechanisms and a long-term commitment to the process. Additionally, the spiritual underpinnings of Pisces may inspire people to explore their transcendental side, finding solace and strength in their beliefs. While overcoming dependency remains deeply personal and challenging, Saturn in Pisces offers a structured and transformative path forward to healing and growth.

Publishing or promotingpromoting our creative/mystical gifts

Saturn's transit through Pisces is a cathartic period for those seeking to publish and promote their creative or intuitive gifts. This celestial alignment blends discipline with spiritual awareness, compelling individuals to commit to their endeavors diligently. Whether writing, composing, making art, or starting a new business Saturn's stern influence emphasizes meticulous planning and consistent effort, aiding in creating well-structured and meaningful content. This transit also encourages a profound exploration of artistic, mystical, and inner dimensions, fostering a deep connection with intuition and imagination. While challenges and delays may arise, Saturn's disciplined approach, patience, and unwavering commitment can ultimately lead to successfully publishing and promoting these unique and spiritually enriched talents, ensuring they reach a broader and appreciative audience.

What does Saturn in Pisces symbolize?

With Saturn submerging into such an aquatic and misty sign, Pisces will be tested, where our dreams swirl, and our imaginations hazily wonder. Together, they symbolize a marriage of our hopes with the reality of time. Like water pressurized, this combination can cut through any barrier; while Pisces is typically seen as a gentle sign, with Saturn in her domain, the Pisces archetype will be forced to use the strength of her passions to hold up an underwater barricade. Boundaries can be complex in the unseen veils that Pisces transcends through. However, when outside forces continually take advantage of her generosity and good-natured spirit, Saturn asks if this kindness is helping either party. Sometimes, in withdrawing her gifts, her real value shines through.

Siren criescries

This period is shedding light on the alarming pollution levels, often associated with the shadowy influence of Neptune, which has been devastating fish and other aquatic species. With Saturn's presence in this astrological landscape, we may begin to witness the consequences of our treatment of the ocean and polar ice caps. As the harbinger of karmic repercussions, Saturn and Pisces, symbolizing the vast sea, converge in a potent blend. The repercussions of our actions in the ocean are slowly but surely reaching the terrestrial realm, where Saturn holds sway. Saturn's effect here should impel us to implement much-needed reforms across various sectors, including fishing, agriculture, chemical practices, plastic usage, climate initiatives, and boating regulations, all adversely impacting marine life. This alignment again underscores the theme of Pisce'' often hidden labor becoming visible. By withholding its gifts, Neptune's sea compels us to direct our gaze to realms we seldom see, fostering compassion for life deep below the surface, beyond our ordinary reach.

Shifts we're seeingseeing in the film industry

The Writers Guild of America has been on strike since May 2, and the actors'' union, SAG-AFTRA, since mid-July. Together, they represent over 170,000 workers who refuse to perform any part of their job after talks with studios and streamers stalled. Writers and actors could lose their eligibility for insurance simply because they aren't working while striking. Saturn moved into Pisces on March 7, 2023, days after this strike began. This is significant in that many of the unseen workers behind the renaissance in Streaming (which started while Neptune's been in Pisces), like the background actors and writers, are forced to use their absence to show their value.

Creative and spiritualspiritual boundaries

Art/film/illustrators (Pisces) are at war with capitalized greed (Saturn), now enabled by the shifts we are seeing with AI (Pluto moving in Aquarius). The themes of boundaries are required when faced with such cold self-interest. By saying no, enough is enough; the actors and writers are forcing society and the executives to see how much their gifts and talents impact our daily lives. The film got them through the pandemic for many people, yet these artists have not received compensation for their contribution.